A Reason Why Other’s Doubt God’s Existence

6 09 2011

A Reason Why Other’s Doubt God’s Existence

Many people are logical thinkers.  They believe every question must have an apparent answer to back it up.  They think the miracles of God could never possibly happen or the fact God is invisible is outrageous.  Everything must be legitament and contain obvious evidence. 

The normal response from a Christian to the logical thinkers would be:

  • “you can’t see or feel air either, but it’s still there.” 

Their response to the statement above: 

There is proof.  There are physical effects from the air which can be measured and related to other things.  There is evidence. 

My response:

You can’t prove God doesn’t exist.  

There is actual evidence for God’s existence.  God has given us signs to let us know that he is real.  The nature, the world, how everything happened perfectly.  It may take faith to believe in God, but it takes A LOT more not to believe God is real. 




4 responses

8 09 2011

Nice use of vocabulary in this one! You made it flow really nice and it makes sense. Great job!

14 09 2011

Thank you Katelyn:)

9 09 2011

I like that you just got straight to the point. My article talked about the wind thing and I see how a logical thinker may respond to my point. Good job 🙂

14 09 2011

Thanks Miranda! Haha, yeah, at first I was going to be like you can’t see wind either…then I was googling and found that there is physical evidence.

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